Unifi Mobile Sim Card Malaysia
Unifi Mobile Sim Card Malaysia

Unifi Mobile Sim Card Malaysia

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Simcard.ID – Unifi Mobile Sim Card Malaysia – Unifi mobile is a telecommunication service provider which is quite large in Malaysia. The first time this company was founded was called the P1 packet one network.

In 2014, when it was still using the name p1. The brand launched its latest network namely 4G / LTE which runs on 850 MHz network. Which can share download speeds of up to 20 Mbps. It closed thereafter and relaunched like UniFi cellular with 3G roaming included.

Unifi Mobile Sim Card Malaysia

Unifi Mobile Sim Card Malaysia
Unifi Mobile Sim Card Malaysia

To get a SIM card, first you need to download their “mobile @ unifi” app on Google Play or the App Store. You can pick up a SIM at the local TM Point, or send it for RM10. At the time of compilation , the fee per SIM was RM10. Appears with 3GB LTE information on the UniFi network itself. Domestic calls are charged RM0. 20 / minute and local SMS will charged RM0. 10. When ordering, you should sort out the destination, not just the expedition, otherwise your card will be deactivated after 90 days.

You can top up your UniFi Mobile account in denominations of RM10, RM30, RM50 and RM100 via credit / debit card or online banking. If you have Shopee coins to use, you can also buy PIN refills from Shopee. All SIM management tested through their application.

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Unifi Mobile Data Packages

UniFi differentiates unlimited packages on its own limited network as well as other packages with Celcom roaming.

Especially for 4G networks only

Unlimited data For 2 HoursRM 1
Unlimited data For 24 HoursRM 3
Unlimited data For 7 DaysRM 20

Nationwide 2G / 3G roaming network

1 GB2G/3G/4G networksRM 13
1 GB4G network + 1 GB 2G/3G roaming networkRM 15
2 GB4G network + 2 GB 2G/3G roaming networkRM 30
4 GB4G network + 4 GB 2G/3G roaming networkRM 50

Here is the novelty: There is nomor exipry of the informasi packages as long as the line is active. You can use all informasi until its fully used up. You only need to make a debitable charge( use informasi, send SMS or make a phone call) or reload within 90 days to keep it alive.

Unifi mobile Tourist SIM

In early 2020, Telekom malaysia has issued a special tourist card, which is called Unifi Travel. Its available at all international airports, namely at Malaysia’ s Tourism Information Counters and Malaysia Healthcare concierge and lounge at selected major airports, as well as at the Kuala Lumpur Menara( KL Menara). The plan can also purchased through unifi strategic online partners, Klook or Fave, besides on unifi’ s web.

For unifi travel for tourists. You have two choices :

  • unlimited data 7 days: And Price RM 30
  • unlmited data 15 days: And Price RM 60
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