Alter Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia
Alter Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia

Alter Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia

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ANd, Simcard.ID – Alter Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia -Altel is a telecommunications service provider based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Altel has a fairly extensive network in Malaysia. With a fast network, Alter also always offers very cheap internet packages. So that many attract young people to use it.

Alter Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia

Alter Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia
Alter Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia

Starter Pack Alter

For alter SIM card sales, only the price is quite cheap, which is RM 7.00. By spending that big of money, you’ve got a lot. As :

  • Free alter credit of RM 3.00
  • Free internet data at a high speed of 200MB
  • You will also get free basic internet of 15 GB.
  • For phone calls you will be charged RM 0.06 / minute
  • On video calls you will be charged RM 0.20 / minute
  • The cost of SMS is 5 cents / SMS
  • For MMS it costs 25 cents / MMS

Alter Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia

Altel is run by Altel Communications Sdn Bhd. Already started launching their own 4G / LTE broadband service in 2013. They have received LTE spectrum at a frequency of 2600 MHz and to date have built 2100 base stations.

Alter Data Internet packages

ValidityData InternetPrice
1 day500 MBRM 2
1 day1 GBRM 3
7 days1 GBRM 5
7 days2 GBRM 10
30 days5 GBRM 30
30 days10 GBRM 50
30 days20 GBRM 90

If they don’t have their own coverage, they rely on 2G, 3G and 4G / LTE roaming at Celcom which operates like an MVNO through their partnership with Celcom.

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And, Their prepaid SIM card in their shop (position finder) for MYR 7 (with tax included) with a credit of RM 5 for 30 days and 200 MB of information valid for 15 days. You can extend the validity period to one year for RM28 by typing EXTEND up to 25835.

For top-ups, buy a voucher of RM 5-50 at any Altel dealer, 7- Eleven, AEON Big, Giant, Tesco supermarkets, or major gas stations in this country. They distribute the validity of 5- 30 days. For refilling, enter * 122 * voucher PIN.


If you reload the minimum RM 30 within the initial 5 days after activation, you will enjoy a 10% bonus credit without expiring. You get another 500 MB which is valid for 15 days for top-up RM 50+. Check balance by * 102 #.