Malaysia Sim Card Prepaid OneXOX
Malaysia Sim Card Prepaid OneXOX

Malaysia Sim Card Prepaid OneXOX

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Simcard.ID – Malaysia Sim Card Prepaid OneXOX – XOX is a mobile virtual network company. Xox provides prepaid sim card provider telecommunication services in Malaysia. Xox is also one of the sim card providers that has many customers in Malaysia. Until now, xox has recorded up to 2 million regular customers.

XOX MobileĀ and OneXOX use the same network. Their network comes from the celcom network. The brands cooperate in 2G, 3G, 4G networks with the same network tower This represents an unusually long validity requirement, which could attract users who want to keep their SIM card on.

Malaysia Sim Card Prepaid OneXOX

Malaysia Sim Card Prepaid OneXOX
Malaysia Sim Card Prepaid OneXOX

Prepaid SIM is at their dealer for RM 10 with a RM 5 credit. Top-ups can be purchased at many service stations as well as 7- Eleven. You can type * 132 # or * 150 * 1 # on your cellphone dial to check your credit.

And, This pass allows customers to purchase cellular services by sharing information, minutes, and SMS to other users with the same brand, who do not want to expire as long as the account is active. Every time a customer activates their monthly mobile internet, it will be immediately deducted from their existing Season Pass information, not credit or airtime.

So, for each pass you get a 28-month account validity which is somewhat unusual in Malaysia because the validity of the season pass is to coincide with the SIM card expiration, which is 28 months.

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Send code to 22111 for activation. Make a balance check, type BAL to 23388. Make a transfer of information to another number and type the recipient number <space> GB volume <space> PIN. and send to 23388. You can check your balance or transfer information by typing * 150 #.

Internet Data Package OneXOX

Create a code reading subscription to 23388. Packages every day and weekly not renewed automatically, live monthly. The following add-on makes bonus information available:

Data Priceactivation
100 MBRM 5ADD 100 information
200 MBRM 10ADD 200 information
300 MBRM 15ADD 300 information
1 GBRM 35ADD 1GB Information

Type the activation code to 23388. The package is always valid throughout the basic package. You can activate the information package, type * 150 #