redONE Travel Sim Card Malaysia
redONE Travel Sim Card Malaysia

redONE Travel Sim Card Malaysia

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Simcard.ID – redONE Travel Sim Card Malaysia – redOne is a telecommunications company that provides prepaid sim card services. redOne is one of the largest in Asia, because it has branches and outlets in several Asian countries.

redONE Network Sdn Bhd. was established in 2012 and is MVNO on Celcom network in 2G, 3G and 4G / LTE networks.

Prepaid starter packs are sold in many stores with a top-up of RM 30. Appears with a one-time activation bonus of 500 MB of big speed information and 1 GB of low speed (max. 64 kbps) valid for one month plus a bonus credit of RM 6 .

As a bonus, you will receive 500MB big speed as well as 1GB low speed bonus (max. 64 kbps) per month as long as you activate another package.

redONE Travel Sim Card Malaysia

redONE Travel Sim Card Malaysia
redONE Travel Sim Card Malaysia

Refills are sold at Petron, Shell and Caltex gas stations, epay offices, mynews kiosks, Watsons drugstores, Happy Marts, and many other places. To check credit dial * 124 #. For top-ups, a large bonus is paid:

  • Make a top-up of RM 10: 100 MB per day for 10 days
  • top-up of RM 20: 200 MB per day for 20 days
  • Make a top-up of RM 30, RM 40 and RM 50: 300 MB per day for 30 days

Note that the credit reported is only valid for 30 days. To check the validity, press * 124 #. Package information features The default rate outside the package, add-on and bonus is RM 0, 01 per 200 KB. This bundle can added:

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Data InternetValidityPrice
1 GB1 dayRM 3
2 GB7 dayRM 10
5 GB30 dayRM 30
10 GB30 dayRM 50

Information up to 4G / LTE and will limited to 64 kbps once the quota reached. And, to activate dial * 108 # and package selection. There no automatic renewal and packages cannot stacked. You can buy a new package if the old one has been used completely or has expired. Max. Monthly from 10 GB on a large speed internet applied. Customer.

Tourist Sim Card

Singapore RedONE can also explore their local information packages in Malaysia, but otherwise it can only be tried for a bonus fee for prepaid customers.

redONE offers 2 options for tourists continuing their expeditions to other countries after Malaysia: the option of roaming “daily rates” on a local SIM, or a separate “Travel SIM” product.

Roaming with a local SIM limited to RM 28 per day for the following countries and operators: Bangladesh- (Robi- Airtel), Hong Kong and Macau (Smartone), Indonesia (XL Axiata), Cambodia (Smart), Sri Lanka (Discussion), Singapore (M1), Taiwan (Chunghwa) and Nepal (Ncell).

Their Travel SIM is valid in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia, and is available in 2 dimensions:

  • RM 50: 4 GB full speed internet, 7 days validity
  • RM 100: 8 GB full speed internet, 15 days validity

Information limited to 128 kbps beyond the full speed limit.

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