Simcard.ID – Ramy Levy Mobile Sim Card. If you’ve ever heard of Ramy Levy chain in israel it means you’ve heard of it or even used it in supermarket areas. Because, initially Ramy Levy was […]

Simcard.ID – 012 Mobile Sim Card Israel. 012 mobile sim card is indeed a newcomer sim card in Israel. This sim card is deliberately produced specifically for sim cards at low prices. The 012 mobile […]

Simcard.ID – 019 Mobile Israel Sim Card. Is a sim card launched by one of the major telecommunications companies in Israel, namely 019 Telzar International Telecommunication Services LTD. This company is relatively new if we […]

Simcard.ID – Hot Mobile Prepaid Sim Card Israel. Hot mobile is also a sim card that has quite a lot of users in Israel. Hot mobile is using gsm 3g and 4g networks in particular […]

Simcard.ID – Pelephone Sim Card Prepaid Israel. It is one of the telecommunication companies that provides the oldest sim card in Israel. Pelephone was founded in 1986 which at that time still had a dedicated […]

Simcard.ID – Orange Prepaid Sim Card Israel . If you have previously heard of a sim card called orange, now you can know it by the name of your partner. Which is one of the […]

Simcard.ID – Cellcom Prepaid Sim Card Israel. Cellcom is the first telecommunication company established in the country of Israel. In addition to the first telecommunications company, Cellcom is also one of the largest telecommunications service […]