Cellcom Prepaid Sim Card Israel
Cellcom Prepaid Sim Card Israel

Cellcom Prepaid Sim Card Israel

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Simcard.ID – Cellcom Prepaid Sim Card Israel. Cellcom is the first telecommunication company established in the country of Israel. In addition to the first telecommunications company, Cellcom is also one of the largest telecommunications service providers in the country of Israel.

Cellcom Prepaid Sim Card Israel

Cellcom Prepaid Sim Card Israel
Cellcom Prepaid Sim Card Israel

To get this cellcom sim card, you don’t need to bother. They already have many sales shops in every city in Israel. You can find it in stores that specialize in selling sim cards, or the official shop from cellcom itself. Or you can find this sim card in several large supermarkets in Israel.

Apart from being the oldest and largest company due to the many users. Cellcom also offers cheap sim card prices and internet data packages. They have various types of packages that you can buy according to your needs. Other than that,

Cellcom Prepaid Sim Card Internet Data

For internet packages, there are several types that you can choose from. Cellcom sim card itself provides several kinds of internet packages that you can customize according to your needs. However, the internet packages provided always change because they are adjusted to the time and circumstances.

PriceInternet Data Duration
99 NIS15 GB30 days
129 NIS20 GB30 days
149 NIS200 GB30 days

To check the balance or balance of your internet data package, you can use the code dial * 11777 #. Later, you can access a lot of information about the sim card you have. However, you must not forget. Every time you purchase this cellcom sim card, you are required to bring an identification for registration needs.

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Cellcom Sim Card For Turist

If you are a tourist who is visiting or will visit this Israeli country, you can also use this sim card from Cellcom. You can buy it at Israel’s international airport when you arrive in the country. However, you still have to bring your identification and passport for registration and verification needs.

Thus the article about Israel’s Cellcom Prepaid Sim Card. Hope it can help those of you who are in need of information about this sim card.