Ramy Levy Mobile Sim Card
Ramy Levy Mobile Sim Card

Ramy Levy Mobile Sim Card

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Simcard.ID – Ramy Levy Mobile Sim Card. If you’ve ever heard of Ramy Levy chain in israel it means you’ve heard of it or even used it in supermarket areas. Because, initially Ramy Levy was indeed a network that specifically operated in supermarkets in cities in the country of Israel.

However, now Ramy Levy has started to expand their network by making a Ramy Levy mobile sim card. So now you can find sales of this ramy levy sim card in many places.

Ramy Levy Mobile Sim Card


If you want to try this Ramy Levy sim card, you can find it in shops selling cellphones and sim cards. In addition, of course you can still find networks and sales of this sim card in supermarkets in the city of Israel.

Ramy Levy Internet Data

For internet networks using a sim card. Ramy Levy’s offers you a very large internet package at a very low price. In addition, this sim card provides unlimited free calls and texts for you, their sim card users. All packages offered by Ramy Levy Mobile have the same duration, all of which are 30 days.

Internet DataCall and SMSPrice
1 GBunlimited25 NIS
3 GBunlimited28 NIS
5 GBunlimited30 NIS
15 GBunlimited40 NIS
25 GBunlimited50 NIS
40 GBunlimited60 NIS
50 GBunlimited80 NIS

If you need more complete information from this Ramy Levy mobile, you can immediately see it on their official website here. In addition, you can also ask the stand of this sim card sale in supermarkets.

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That’s the article about adadada. Hopefully it can help those of you who are in need of information about this simcard