Pelephone Sim Card Prepaid Israel
Pelephone Sim Card Prepaid Israel

Pelephone Sim Card Prepaid Israel

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Simcard.ID – Pelephone Sim Card Prepaid Israel. It is one of the telecommunication companies that provides the oldest sim card in Israel. Pelephone was founded in 1986 which at that time still had a dedicated CDMA network. And in 2009 began to expand to GSM networks starting with 2g networks and not long ago 3G networks.

Until now, Pelephone has provided 4G network services to all sim card users.

Pelephone Sim Card Prepaid Israel

Pelephone Sim Card Prepaid Israel
Pelephone Sim Card Prepaid Israel

Pelephone has a very wide network in Israel. They have transmitter towers in almost all areas in Israel. Most of the citizens of Israel have used a lot of this Pelephone sim card. There are many shops selling sim cards in cities in Israel, you can get this sim card from there.

In addition, you can also directly visit the official office of Pelephone to purchase their sim card. You will not find it difficult to find an office from this Pelephone because it is available in many major cities in Israel. However, to buy this sim card you are required to bring an identification for the verification and registration process.

Pelephone Sim Card For Tourist

If you are a tourist who is visiting or will be visiting an Israeli country, you can buy this Pelephone sim card at Israel’s international airport when you visit. Or you can buy it directly at the official Pelephone office. However, even though you a tourist you still required to carry identification when you want to buy this sim card. You can use your passport as identification.

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Pelephone Sim Card Internet Data

For internet data, the Pelephone sim card has various options. So if you want to buy internet data sim card, you can just adjust it according to your needs.

Internet DataDurationPrice
5 GB30 days39 NIS
50 GB30 days70 NIS
200 GB30 days150 NIS

If you need further information and updates on this Pelephone sim card, you can directly visit their official website here.

Thus the article which contains information about Pelephone Sim Card Prepaid Israel, hopefully it can help those of you who are in need of this information