012 Mobile Sim Card Israel
012 Mobile Sim Card Israel

012 Mobile Sim Card Israel

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Simcard.ID – 012 Mobile Sim Card Israel. 012 mobile sim card is indeed a newcomer sim card in Israel. This sim card is deliberately produced specifically for sim cards at low prices. The 012 mobile sim card is a product from a partner company that has a much cheaper price.

012 Mobile Sim Card Israel


Because it is indeed a newcomer sim card, and indeed a sim card with a second brand from a telecommunications company, 012 mobile will be a little difficult for you to find in special shops selling cellphones and sim cards.

However, you can still find this 012 mobile simcard in several shops selling mobile phones and simcards in big cities in Israel. In addition, you can also get this sim card at the official sales shop of partner companies in Israel.

012 mobile is specifically targeting sales to young people. This is because for sales they prefer to use online media. In addition, you will easily get this 012 mobile simcard from several youth events which are always held in cities in Israel itself.

012 Mobile Sim Card Internet data

As a sim card that does have a cheap price, 012 mobile has a very attractive package offer. Here are some internet, telephone or SMS packages that you can choose if you use the 012 mobile sim card :

Internet DataCallSMSDurationPrice
1 GB3000 mins300030 days45 NIS
20 GB3000 mins300030 days50 NIS
25 GB3000 mins300030 days60 NIS
30 GB3000 mins300030 days70 NIS
5 GB14 days25 NIS
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To be able to get more complete information and updates from the 012 mobile sim card. You can see it live by visiting their official website here.. Such is the article which contains information about 012 Mobile SimCard Israel. Hopefully it can help those of you who are looking for information about 012 mobile.