Celcom (XPAX) Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia
Celcom (XPAX) Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia

Celcom (XPAX) Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia

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Simcard.id – Celcom (XPAX) Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia – Celcom is run by Axiata. Coverage roughly on par with two competitors on 2G, 3G, but slightly lower on 4G / LTE: Coverage map. Their main prepaid brand called Xpax.

Celcom kiosks are located in most major shopping malls and airports. Top-ups can done almost anywhere: store finder. Mini SIM standard, micro and nano SIM may be available upon request or reduced.

All Celcom local prepaid SIMs are sold through their XPAX label. You can dial the code * 124 # to check your credit. The XPAX Turbo starter pack costs RM 10 with RM 6 preloaded, for sale at their outlet (see above). It also comes with 10 GB free for Facebook and “basic internet” provided as long as your channel active. ‘Basic internet’ remains capped at 64 kbps and max. of 1 GB per month.

Celcom (XPAX) Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia

Celcom (XPAX) Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia
Celcom (XPAX) Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia

DurationData InternetPriceActivation
1 Day2 GBRM 3*118*2*1#
4 GBRM 5*118*2*2#
7 Day500 MBRM 6*118*2*3#
2 GBRM 10*118*2*4#
5 GBRM 15*118*2*5#
30 Day5 GBRM 30*118*2*6#
10 GBRM 50*118*2*7#
15 GBRM 70*118*2*8#

The 7 day and 30 day admission tickets come with unlimited domestic voices, and more data hotspots can be purchased for RM 1 for 1 GB for 24 hours or By spending Rp3, you will get 5GB of internet data for 72 hours.

There are also three late night tickets valid from 1am to 7am daily, which can be activated by dialing * 118 #:

  1. RM 2: 3 GB for 1 night
  2. And, RM 7: 10 GB for 7 nights
  3. RM 20: 15 GB for 30 nights
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Check internet quota by dialing * 118 * 1 * 1 * 2 #. All packages, except the daily plan, automatically renewed. To stop, dial * 118 * 2 * 5 * 1 # before expiration. If your plan renewed (or you buy another daily plan), unused data will transferred to the new period. Unlimited access to YouTube from 1am to 7am included with all tickets.

1 day Internet Pass: in Brunei, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Singapore gives you 1 GB per day (until midnight Malaysia time) for MYR 7.99. No activation required, roaming usage over 1 MB in the countries above will automatically activate the pass.

1 day Basic Internet Access Card: In the same country above, 30 MB per day with slow speed of 64 kbps costs RM 1. If you want to use this card, you have to make sure data roaming off. Then activate this card before starting to use data, or you will be charged an Internet Pass.

1 day Social Roam Pass: In more than 30 countries (check your destination here before going). 1 GB of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and WeChat usage and 50 MB other usage at RM 10 per day.

In countries where the 1 day Internet Pass not available, this pass will activated automatically after data usage of more than 300 KB.

3-in-1 3-day ticket: In more than 40 countries (check destination on same link as above). 100 minutes talk, 100 SMS and 1.5 GB data for 3 days for RM 88.


Basic Internet and 3-in-1 pass must be activated manually with * 118 # upon arrival and selecting “Roaming & IDD”, then the name of the pass you wish to purchase. If you wish to purchase this pass. Please make sure to turn off data roaming before receiving confirmation of an activated pass. Basic Internet card limited to 30 MB. You need to re-subscribe for another 30 MB. In addition, it will have to repurchased manually every day at midnight Malaysia time, or the 1 day Internet Pass will be activated.