AIS Tourist Sim Card Thailand
AIS Tourist Sim Card Thailand

AIS Tourist Sim Card Thailand

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Simcard.ID – AIS Tourist Sim Card Thailand –  If you are a person who is very happy to visit Thailand. Of course you need a sim card to stay connected with family and relatives from your home country. And one of the sim cards that can help tourists is the AIS tourist sim card Thailand.

AIS providers are one of the largest and have up to 50% subscribers on 2G – 3G networks. However AIS. It was quite late in upgrading its device to 4G network in 2016.

AIS Tourist Sim Card Thailand
AIS Tourist Sim Card Thailand

To get an AIS sim card, the method is quite easy. Because this sim card is widely available in online shops. You can also find it in supermarkets in Thailand. Besides that, you can also find it in stores at the airport. Change their message language to English by dialing * 700 #.

How to Top Up AIS Balance

Top-ups can be tried using many methods, however ATMs and internet banking require a Thai bank account. So it is recommended to do an electronic top-up or cash card. They are sold at most convenience stores such as Family Mart, Tesco / Lotus, Big C or online. The 7/11 shop no longer sells AIS top-ups, but generally you can create a standalone vending machine that will let you use cash for refills. A small fee is about to be deducted.

AIS High Speed Internet Data

AIS has a rather large and confusing series of internet data bonus packages (not only many types of SIM cards, some of which are equipped with information).

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Internet data1 Day3 Day7 Day30 Day
100 MB9 THB
200 MB15 THB
600 MB20 THB
1 GB35 THB65 THB99 THB199 THB
1,5 GB39 THB69 THB109 THB229 THB
2 GB45 THB75 THB115 THB239 THB
3 GB49 THB79 THB 119 THB399 THB
4 GB69 THB99 THB 135 THB450 THB
5 GB75 THB105 THB 155 THB488 THB
8 GB89 THB149 THB199 THB599 THB

For activation, use their application or open this park, enter your phone number and you will get an activation code via SMS.

Customers can use the package ration after receiving the SMS confirmation. If the internet usage quota has not been used after the package’s validity period ends, the remaining internet quota will be forfeited. Excess usage will be calculated at the rate of your main package. Service rates are not listed as VAT 7%.