Tourist Sim Card Pinguin On Cat Thailand
Tourist Sim Card Pinguin On Cat Thailand

Tourist Sim Card Pinguin On Cat Thailand

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Simcard.ID – Sim Card Pinguin On Cat Thailand. Penguin sim card is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Thailand. In 2016 some brand-brand new MVNOs began primarily on the CAT system.

One of the absolute most noticeable up until now actually Penguin SIM through White colored Area. It targeted at the Thai young people, however available towards everybody as well as greatly marketed at little road suppliers as well as various other locations.

Actually specific advantages and disadvantages, you ought to know. It is on the 3G-only CAT system (view over). While it has actually a great protection similar towards True’s 3G impact, it does not deal a 2G fallback or even 4G/LTE as well as you have to have actually a gadget efficient in 850 MHz in 3G.

Tourist Sim Card Pinguin On Cat Thailand

Tourist Sim Card Pinguin On Cat Thailand
Tourist Sim Card Pinguin On Cat Thailand

Penguin SIM has actually extremely low cost, however the majority of their prices are actually seriously throttled. That implies that they can easily benefit message such as LINE (favored carrier in Thailand) or even fundamental web, however troublesome for searching sites.

Every one of their magazines remain in Thai just. Towards all of the provided costs listed below (other than on the Traveler SIM) include 7% tax obligations.

Top-ups are actually offered at the typical shops such as FamilyMart as well as 7-Eleven. Inspect equilibrium through *502#, inspect your variety through *504#.

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Sim Card Pinguin Thailand

As it is just composed in Thai on the bundle, it may difficult towards discover as they vary:

Traditional Pinguin SIM CARD actually offered in some Household Mart shops for THB 49 along with THB 15 credit rating legitimate for thirty days. Web actually consisted of at THB 39 each day, however seriously throttled at 128 kbps.

SIM Rider actually offered in some 7-Eleven as well as Jiffy shops. It has actually limitless information topped at 1 or even 4 Mbps.

  1. @ max. 1 Mbps: THB twenty for 24 hr – *555*81#, THB 55 for 3 times – *555*82*1#; THB 99 for 7 times – *555*83*1#,  THB 279 for thirty days – *555*87*1#.
  2. @ max. 4 Mbps: THB 24 for 24 hr – *555*84#, THB 63 for 3 times – *555*85*1#, THB 119 for 7 times – *555*86*1#, THB 450 for thirty days – *555*88*1#.

For all of costs include tax obligations. Overuse goes to 128 kbps.

Traveler SIM CARD

Actually offered in specific places (primarily SuperRich money trade booths in Bangkok), includes limitless information at 1 Mbps for 24 hr as well as limitless contacts us to various other Penguin Traveler SIM individuals, as well as the complying with top-up bundles, included with the Go to Thailand Memory card application, offered for iOS or even Android (certainly not geo-blocked):

  • Unlimited @ 1 Mbps : 99 THB for 7 times
  • Unlimited @ 4 Mbps : 179 THB for 7 times
  • 4 GB complete rate : 99 THB for 7 times, 120 THB for 15 times

If you are a tourist in Thailand. You can use this sim card. To accompany your days so you can stay in touch with your relatives and friends.