Tourist sim card Thailand TrueMove H
Tourist sim card Thailand TrueMove H

Tourist sim card Thailand TrueMove H

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Simcard.ID – Tourist sim card Thailand TrueMove H.. If you are a traveler who likes traveling the world. Internet network is very important for now. You need it so that you can always update your activities while in the country where you are on vacation.

And if you want to vacation in Thailand, you will need a powerful sim card. One of the sim cards that you really worth using while in Thailand is TrueMove H.

Tourist sim card Thailand TrueMove H

Tourist sim card Thailand TrueMove H
Tourist sim card Thailand TrueMove H

TrueMove H is a sim card provider for tourists in Thailand and has quite a lot of users. This one sim card has a very strong signal in almost all regions in Thailand. So you don’t need to be afraid when you have to go to rural areas in the country.

For those of you who want to try using this TrueMove H sim card. We will share about the price of the TrueMove H sim card and internet packages.

TrueMove H Tourist Sim Card

49 THBwith unlimited True WiFi and social apps for 24 hours, 15 THB call credit30 days
299 THBwith 15 GB data, unlimited True WiFi, social apps and 100 THB call credit8 days
499 THBwith 30 GB data, unlimited True WIFi, social apps and 50 THB call credit15 days

You can get their SIM card from almost anywhere, but you have to get it directly from the True Corp. store. whichever is also (listed True Online and True Visions stores) or 7- Eleven kiosks. Electronic refills are sold in all 7- Eleven and Family Mart stores. There, you must know and enter your number. Most of their SIM cards have 4G / LTE enabled, but there are still some older 3G SIMs. Retail price of 10 THB on promotion as well as 49 THB in regular.

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When you arrive at BKK airfield, you must check their promotions at their shop in the attendance hall at concourse A, 2nd floor, opposite Gate 5. They often offer promotions that are not inverse and the majority are for getting started and initial packages only. You can also see their SIM free stand at the airport in Chiang Mai or Phuket.

TrueMove H High Speed Data Internet

Packages every day and weekly off and can be activated at any time. All monthly packages are automatically renewed after 30 days. For more information about the monthly plan, add one of the following add-ons:

  • 1 GB, 30 days, *900*8936# : 179 THB
  • 2 GB, 30 days, *900*8937# : 279 THB
  • 30 days. *900*8938# : 379 THB: 3 GB