My by Cat Thailand Sim Card
My by Cat Thailand Sim Card

My by Cat Thailand Sim Card

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SImcard.ID – My by Cat Thailand Sim Card. My by Cat is a sim card that is quite widely used in Thailand. My itself is an MVNO owned by CAT Telecom Public Company Ltd. This is a state-owned company that provides international telecommunication services in Thailand.

My by Cat Thailand Sim Card

My by Cat Sim Card
My by Cat Sim Card

This My by Cat sim card is one of the 4th largest mobile operator companies in this country. My by Cat has a fairly complete network ranging from 2G, 3G, to 4G. Their network coverage is very broad. They reach out to remote villages in Thailand.

You can find this My by Cat sim card in shopping centers in Thailand. Apart from sim cards, you can also easily find top up voucher sales at several locations.

Such as, CAT store, AJ Sabaidee top-up kiosk, U Top-up. To be able to refill the My by Cat sim card you can use the code * 901 * to enter the vouche code. And, * 902 # to check the balance type. For example, credit balance, internet balance, sms or others. To get cheap internet data packages, you can exchange them via code * 905 * 03 #.

Data Internet Packages My by Cat

You can buy high speed internet data packages by using a dial code. There are several codes and a large selection of packages and prices.

DurationData InternetActivationPrice
24 hours500 MB*906*146#THB 19
24 hours1 GB *906*147#THB 29
24 hours2 GB906*150#THB 39
24 hours3 GB*906*153#THB 49
7 days1 GB*906*148#THB 39
7 days2 GB*906*151#THB 49
7 days3 GB*906*154#THB 59
7 days4 GB*906*156#THB 69
15 days1 GB*906*149#THB 59
15 days2 GB*906*152#THB 69
15 days3 GB*906*155#THB 79
15 days4 GB*906*157#THB 89
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The above are packages that you can enjoy daily. Packages like that you can use when you only need it for a period of a few days

Monthly My by Cat Internet Package

  1. *906*288# 1 GB: THB 199
  2. *906*290# 3 GB: THB 299
  3. *906*292# 6 GB: THB 399
  4. *906*294# 12 GB: THB 499
  5. *906*296# 18 GB: THB 599
  6. *906*298# 36 GB: THB 899

You can buy internet data packages by using a dial code. Or you can also get an internet data package by buying a top up voucher