Digi Travel Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia
Digi Travel Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia

Digi Travel Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia

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Simcard.id – Digi Travel Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia – Digi is one of the most well-known sim card operators in Malaysia. Digi sim card has very good signal, almost in all areas of Malaysia. Talking and surfing in cyberspace has become a main routine. Without the internet, the self feels isolated from social space.

Digi is known to be one of the providers that offers cheap internet packages in Malaysia. The Digi package is also safe in the pockets of travelers. Digi is suitable for tourists because it offers a variety of package options to suit your needs. Well, here is the selection method for the latest Digi card internet package in 2020.

Digi really pays attention to user satisfaction in enjoying the services it provides. Therefore, DIGI has a strong signal in almost all cities. Digi also has good deals for internet data.

Experience total expedition freedom and find it in Malaysia and stay connected with the best 4G Plus Traveler SIM in town. It’s not bad to show your passport at Digi outlets at major airports in all countries. With 2 options to choose from, we have the perfect package for your expedition!

Digi Travel Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia
Digi Travel Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia

Use the Digi 4G SIM Card to stay connected with family and friends while you are in Malaysia. With this SIM Card, you can surf the 4G internet at local rates without having to pay roaming fees

Order a 4G Plus Traveler SIM Card and enjoy up to 9GB of information for 7 days plus local and international calls. Here’s an offer from digi for data packages and free calls for you

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Digi Travel Sim Card Prepaid Malaysia

10 GB High Speed Internet.
15 GB (1GB/Day) Social Internet
RM40Valid for 15 days
2 GB High Speed Internet.
7 GB (1GB/Day) Social Internet
RM20Valid for 7 days

You can get digi prime cards in many places. For example, International Airport (KLIA), International Airport2 (KLIA2), Senai International Airport, Langkawi International Airport, Penang International Airport, Kuching International Airport, Kota Kinabalu International Airport.