MagtiCOM Sim Card Georgia
MagtiCOM Sim Card Georgia

MagtiCOM Sim Card Georgia

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Simcard.ID – MagtiCOM Sim Card Georgia. MagtiCOM is the largest telecommunication company currently in Georgia. This company was founded in 2015. Until now, they still dominate the telecommunications system. The majority of the population of Georgia uses a Magticom sim card.

For the 4g LTE network, Magticom has the strongest and widest network at this time. Because the majority of the population of Georgia is using the 4G LTE network at this time. And now Magticom has started experimenting with 5G networks. And of course in a short time the Georgians will switch to using the 5G network.

MagtiCOM Sim Card Internet Data


This sim card from Magticom provides a default internet package when you buy the sim card. Usually you will get internet data of 10 MB to 70 MB. To check your internet data, you can enter the code * 111 * 1 #.

There are several standard internet data packages that are always used by people. Here are some internet data packages that you can choose from:

Internet DataPrice
5 GB12 GEL
20 GB30 GEL
unlimited150 GEL

To buy the internet data package above, you can buy it via dial code by entering * 111 # or * 100 #.

MagtiCom Roaming Sim Card

If you are in need of internet data roaming magticom sim card. Magticom itself provides several internet data options that you can choose from. Here are some Magticom roaming that you can buy:

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Internet DataPriceDuration
25 MB5 GEL1 day
50 MB10 GEL14 days
150 MB 25 GEL30 days
500 MB 50 GEL30 days
1 GB75 GEL30 days

You can buy a magticom sim card in many places in the country of Georgia. For example, if you are a tourist visiting Georgia you can find official outlets from Magticom that sell their sim cards.

In addition, you can also find official shops that sell Georgia sim cards there. If you need more updated information from the magicom sim card, you can see it on the official magticom website itself here

This is the article containing information about MagtiCOM Sim Card Georgia. Hope it can help those of you who are in need