Beeline Sim Card Georgia
Beeline Sim Card Georgia

Beeline Sim Card Georgia

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Simcard.ID – Beeline Sim Card Georgia. At first Beeline, which is in the country of Georgia, is a company originating from Russia. However, this network is also run in the country of Georgia. Despite having a small network scope, Beeline itself has a strong signal on 3g and 4g.

If you want to use a sim card from this beeline operator you can get it in many places. You can find it at several simcard sales outlets that are widely available in every city. Or, if you are a tourist visiting a georgia country, you can get this beeline simcard at the international airport there.

Beeline Sim Card Georgia

Beeline Sim Card Georgia
Beeline Sim Card Georgia

This beeline sim card has several prices that vary. The best selling is the sim card which costs 3 GEL. For the beeline sim card which has a 3GEL price, you will immediately get a credit of 3 GEL as well.

However, you shouldn’t forget to bring your identification when you want to buy this sim card. If you are a tourist, you can use the passport you brought with you.

To be able to see the remaining balance on the sim card, you can enter a dial code such as * 107 #.

And the great thing is, if you activate this sim card for the first time, you can buy an unlimited internet data package for only 5 GEL. However, to get this unlimited internet data package, you have to use the Beeline application which you can download via the Playstore or Appstore.

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Beeline Sim Card Georgia Internet Data

If you need additional internet data, you can buy it from the Beeline application itself. Here are some internet data package options that you can buy:

PriceInternet DataTimeActivation
1unlimited3 hours*120*180#
2700 MB7 days*120*700#
31.5 GB14 days*120*150#
52.5 GB14 days*120*250#
1010 GB14 days*120*100#
41 GB30 days*120*1#
94 GB30 days*120*4#
168 GB30 days*120*03#
2630 GB30 days*120*30#

To check the amount of internet data you have, you can see it by entering the code * 107 #. OR if you want to see more updated information, you can see it directly on the official beeline georgia website here.