Geocell Sim Card Georgia
Geocell Sim Card Georgia

Geocell Sim Card Georgia

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Simcard.ID – Geocell Sim Card Georgia. Geocell was originally sold by Swedish Telia and Turkish Turkcell. Which in the end was bought by the georgia telecommunication company which is now named geocell. This sim card from geocell is one of the largest and most current users in the country of georgia.

This sim card has a pretty good network. For their internet network, they already use 4G LTE with 1800 Mhz. currently Geocell has also started to pioneer the use of the 5G internet network. In addition, Geocell also has many users because they have quite affordable prices, especially for students who quite a lot use this sim card.

Geocell Sim Card Georgia

Geocell Sim Card Georgia
Sim Card Georgia

You can buy this sim card from shops that already scattered in many official stores in big cities in Georgia. If you are a tourist visiting this georgia country, you can find this geocell sim card at the georgia international airport itself.

To check the balance on the sim card, you can see it by dialing the code * 111 #. To refill you can do it on top up machines that have been circulating in many cities in Georgia, or you can also refill your sim card through online media.

Geocell Sim Card Internet Data

Internet dataPriceActivation
500 MB3 GEL*135*1#
1.2 GB5 GEL*135*2#
2 GB7 GEL*135*3#
4 GB10 GEL*135*4#
6 GB15 GEL*135*5#
15 GB30 GEL*135*7#
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If you buy this Geocell sim card, you will get direct internet data of 70 MB. Or you can also use the internet network 0.70 GEL per MB. To activate the internet, dial code * 008.

For monthly geocell sim card internet data packages, you can choose several packages provided. The following is the monthly internet data package from geocell sim card:

Geocell Sim Card for tourist

For you tourists who are visiting the Georgia country. You can buy a geocell sim card at their international airport. Here are some internet data packages for tourists that you can choose from:

Internet DataPriceDuration
10 MB2.5 GEL1 day
50 MB10 GEL30 days
150 MB25 GEL30 days