A Mobile Sim card Georgia
A Mobile Sim card Georgia

A Mobile Sim card Georgia

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Simcard.ID – A Mobile Sim card Georgia. A mobile is one of the sim cards from a large telecommunication company in Georgia, Abkhazia. This sim card is the second sim card produced by the company. Quite a few users of this sim card A mobile in georgia. This is because you can find network signals from the sim card in many areas. For the price of this sim card, it is enough to give you a cheap price. And they have various internet data packages and affordable prices.

In addition, you can find this a mobile sim card in many places if you want to buy it. You can buy this sim card at official stores that specifically sell sim cards in the country of Georgia. A mobile sim card already has a 4G network in 2014. And until now A mobile has started using the 5G network.

A Mobile Sim card Georgia Internet Data

A Mobile Sim card Georgia
A Mobile Sim card Georgia

A mobile sim card has several internet data packages that you can choose from. Here are some internet data package options ranging from the smallest to the large data internet packages. For activation you can use dial code *3344#.

Internet DataPrice
100 MB150 RUB
300 MB360 RUB
500 MB500 RUB
1 GB800 RUB
2 GB1400 RUB
3 GB1650 RUB
4 GB1800 RUB
5 GB2000 RUB
10 GB3500 RUB
15 GB4500 RUB
20 GB5000 RUB
30 GB6000 RUB
50 GB7500 RUB
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You can also use the dial code * 3344 # to buy several internet data packages if the previous code is not active.

A Mobile Sim card For Tourist

Jika kamu seorang wisatawan yang akan mengunjungi georgia. Kamu juga dapat menggunakan sim card A mobile ini. karena sudah tersedia A mobile sim card khusus untuk anda para pengunjung negara ini.

There are several packages that you can choose for tourists. Anyone with a 1GB internet data package will get 10 minutes of free calls to Russia for 30 days at a cost of 333RUB. Or with a 4GB internet data package, free calls to Russia for 50 minutes, 30 days at a cost of 777RUB.