Aquafon Sim Card Georgia
Aquafon Sim Card Georgia

Aquafon Sim Card Georgia

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Simcard.ID – Aquafon Sim Card Georgia. Aquafon is a telecommunication company that has quite a lot of users in the country of Georgia. Until now, Aquafon has used the 4G network as a whole, and now Aquafon itself has started using the 5G network.

Aquafon Sim Card Georgia


If you want to buy a sim card from Aquafon, you can get it in many places. You can buy them in shops that specifically sell sim cards that you can use in the georgia country. In addition, if you are a tourist who is or will be visiting Georgia. You can buy this aquafon simcard at the georgia international airport. You can find the official outlet of the aquafon simcard there. And of course, every time you buy a sim card, you have to bring an identification as a registration requirement. If a tourist wants to use this SIM card, you can use the passport you brought.

Aquafon Sim Card Georgia Internet Data

There are several types of internet data package options that you can choose when using this aquafon sim card. One of the best-selling internet packages is universal, aquamarine, and orange. You can buy these packages when you buy an aquafon sim card. Aquafon SIm card also has a fairly cheap price. Prices start from 50 RUB. And for data recharging only 100 to 200 RUB.

You can also refill your sim card at sim card-selling shops that are spread all over the city in Georgia and Russia itself. Here are several internet data package options that you can choose if you want to add them :

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Internet DataPriceActivation
1 GB600 RUB*124*1000#
3 GB1100 RUB*124*3000#
6 GB1450 RUB*124*6000#
9 GB1750 RUB*124*9000#
12 GB2000 RUB*124*12000#
15 GB2250 RUB*124*15000#
25 GB3000 RUB*124*25000#
35 GB3500 RUB*124*35000#

You can also see the latest information on this aquafon sim card by visiting the official website here. That’s the information about Aquafon SimCard Georgia , hopefully it can help those of you who are in need. Aquafon Sim Card Georgia