Olleh Sim Card RED and BLUE South Korea
Olleh Sim Card RED and BLUE South Korea

Olleh Sim Card RED and BLUE South Korea

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Simcard.ID – Olleh Sim Card RED and BLUE South Korea. South Korea is the country with the largest idol producer today. And a country of this size has various providers of sim card and internet service providers. And one of them is Olleh or often called KT Korea Telecom. Olleh is a provider that is managed directly by the state, therefore olleh is one of the largest providers in South Korea.

Olleh Sim Card RED and BLUE South Korea

Because they are a state company for the public. So the price they offer is indeed a little cheaper than other operators in this country. And they also have a fairly complete internet network such as 2G, 3G, 4G LTE to the latest, currently 5G NR.

Olleh Sim Card RED and BLUE South Korea
Olleh Sim Card RED and BLUE

Olleh Sim Card For Tourist

Although a state-owned provider Olleh also provides a special sim card for tourists who come to their country. And to get this sim card is quite easy. Tourists who have just arrived in South Korea can directly buy this sim card at the airport to be precise at the arrival location. In addition, visitors can also order this sim card online through their official website.

However, you still have to bring your identification like a passport when buying this sim card. This is useful for the verification and registration process when you want to activate the sim card.

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Red sim card and blue sim card

There are two kinds of sim card options they offer for tourists who come to this country. Red and blue simcard. The most visible difference is the active duration of the simcard itself. For sim cards in blue, you will get an active duration that is much more diverse, from 5 days, 7 days, 10, 15 and 30 days. It gives you more options if you don’t have long to be there.

And for the sim card in red. You only get 30 active duration with several internet package options. Of course, with this sim card you have to be in this country long enough so you don’t waste the existing duration of the sim card. So you can choose a sim card that matches the duration and how long you will be in that country.

Thus the article which contains Olleh Sim Card RED and BLUE South Korea information, hopefully it can help those of you who are in need.