EG Sim Card South Korea
EG Sim Card South Korea

EG Sim Card South Korea

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Simcard.ID – EG Sim Card South Korea. South Korea’s EG Sim Card is a telecommunication service provider that uses KT Korea’s network. Even though it doesn’t use its own network, and still borrows from other providers. However, the EG sim card has a fairly complete network. For the internet network they have several networks available such as 3G, 4g LTE, to the 5G network which they are now starting to introduce to their loyal users.

EG Sim Card South Korea

Where to buy an EG sim card

EG Sim Card South Korea
EG Sim Card South Korea

To get this sim card, you don’t need to bother. Because you can find this sim card sale in many places in Korea. For example, you can buy this sim card at cellphone sales shops that are widely available in every city.

EG Sim Card For Tourist

If you are a visitor who will come to Korea as a tourist or on a work visit. You can buy this sim card from EG at the Korean international airport where you land. There you will easily find official sales outlets for this eg sim card.

In addition, especially for tourists who are visiting you can buy this sim card online. To buy this sim card online you can immediately eat it on their official website here. By directly looking at their official website, you will get a large selection of sim cards at various prices, from the lowest to the highest. Of course, every sim card has a different offer at each price. In addition, if you buy this sim card online you can choose where to send the simcard freely.

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EG sim card package variations

For sales of sim cards and packages they offer a wide variety of variations. You can choose it according to your needs. Here are some package options that you can choose from:

Data InternetCallDurationPrice
1.5G50min voice30 Days₩ 30,000
5GB50min voice30 Days₩60,000
10GB100min voice30 Days₩90,000

Thus the article which contains information about EG Sim Card South Korea, hopefully it can help those of you who are in need.