Irancell Prepaid Sim card Iran
Irancell Prepaid Sim card Iran

Irancell Prepaid Sim card Iran

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Simcard.ID – Irancell Prepaid Sim card Iran. Irancell is one of the largest telecommunications operator providers in the Iranian country. However, Irancell itself only owns half of the company’s shares, the rest of the company is still owned by the MTN group from a South African country.

Irancell Prepaid Sim card Iran

Irancell Prepaid Sim card Iran
Irancell Prepaid Sim card Iran

For the internet network itself, Irancell already has a very broad coverage. They have a very good network in almost all cities in the Iranian country. They also have a very fast 4G network. Currently Irancell has also started preparations to build a 5G network.

Until now, almost Iranians have enjoyed the very fast 4G network. And soon you’ll also be enjoying a much faster 5G network. For the record, users of the Irancell sim card itself are very numerous. This is because they have the fastest internet network in Iran itself.

Iracell Sim Card Internet Data

You can find sales of irancell sim cards yourself in many places. In every city in Iran you will be able to see sales outlets from this Irancell. You can also buy an irancell sim card at the official sales store from irancell itself.

Internet DataDurationPriceActivation
1.5 GB30 daysToman 10,000*555*5*3*2#
1.5 GB30 daysToman 11,000*555*5*3*6#
2.5 GB30 daysToman 14,000 *555*5*3*7#
3 GB30 daysToman 13,000*555*5*3*5#
3 GB30 daysToman 22,000 *555*5*3*13#
4 GB30 daysToman 16,500*555*5*3*15#
5 GB30 daysToman 20,000 *555*5*3*3#
5 GB30 daysToman 25,000 *555*5*3*10#
7 GB30 daysToman 24,000*555*5*3*16#
8 GB30 daysToman 32,000*555*5*3*12#
10 GB30 daysToman 32,500*555*5*3*17#
12 GB30 daysToman 50,000*555*5*3*8#
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For data internet usage in general, you will be charged 0.06 toman / KB on the 4G LTE network. And if you want to buy an additional internet data package, you can buy it via dial code * 555 #.

Here are some internet data packages that you can choose from:

Iracell Sim Card For Turist

However, if you are a tourist who is going to visit Iran, you can also use this sim card from Irancell. You can get this irancell sim card for tourists at Iran’s international airport. You will find official sales outlets for irancell sim cards there. However, you still have to carry identification when purchasing a sim card as a registration requirement.