Hamrah e Aval Prepaid Sim Card Iran
Hamrah e Aval Prepaid Sim Card Iran

Hamrah e Aval Prepaid Sim Card Iran

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Simcard.ID – Hamrah e Aval Prepaid Sim Card Iran. Hamrah e Aval is a sim card from Iran that has quite a lot of users. If this means hamrah e aval is the first operator. Based on the name, we can say that this operator is one of the oldest in Iran.

Hamrah e Aval Prepaid Sim Card Iran

Hamrah e Aval Prepaid Sim Card Iran
Hamrah e Aval Prepaid Sim Card Iran

This telecommunications company was originally known as MCI, and in 2015 began to change its name and started using the 3G network. And in 2017 they began to expand the reach of the internet network and have also started using the 4G network. Since then, they have had the most users for telecommunications operators in Iran itself.

Hamrah e Aval Internet Data

You can find this Hamrah e Aval sim card in many if you want to buy it. You can find it in shops selling sim cards that are widely available in many cities in Iran. Besides that, you can also buy it directly at the official Hamrah e Aval store.

For internet data from this sim card, you can check it by using the code * 111 #. However, before that you must have activated the 3G / 4G service or what they often call Neotrino by using the dial code * 111 * 231 #.

For internet data usage, this sim card is quite affordable. However, it still has a good internet speed. Their internet data packages are given under the name alpha + with speeds of up to 8MB. For the cheap version, you can choose an internet package called alpha which has a speed of 512kb.

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Here are some internet data package options that you can choose and how to buy them :

Internet Data DurationPriceActivation
1 GB30 daysToman 10,000*100*233#
2 GB30 daysToman 12,000*100*234#
4 GB30 daysToman 17,000*100*235#
5 GB 30 daysToman 15,000*100*2367#
6 GB30 daysToman 19,900*100*236*111#
7 GB30 daysToman 21,900*100*236*123#
10 GB30 daysToman 24,900*100*2368#
15 GB30 daysToman 35,000 *100*236*112#
25 GB30 daysToman 54,000*100*236*113#

If you want to get more complete information and updates from this Hamrah e Aval sim card, you can visit the official website here