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Simcard TRI – The tri sim card is a card that is mostly used by school children. This is because the tri card itself provides a fairly cheap price compared to other telecommunications providers.

Tri sim card also often provides bonuses or events that can give you large internet data at a very cheap price.

Besides being cheap, this Tri Sim card has also reached many small areas in Indonesia. So you can use this card when you are traveling.

Internet package 3 (Tri) is perfect for those of you who like to buy cheap and affordable internet packages so you can surf more often without being wasteful.

Simcard TRI

Simcard TRI
Simcard TRI

Tri or 3 are cellular providers with very cheap information package prices compared to other operators. Therefore, many people are interested in using this provider. Especially school children, college students, or those who like to download files in large dimensions.

Not only is the price of internet packages cheap, Tri 4G network has also spread widely in various regions with optimal speeds.

AlwaysOn is available in the form of a starter pack and top up with quotas starting from 2GB to 30GB. Unlimited quota can only be obtained from purchasing a starter pack, vouchers for physical or electrical refills at 3Store or the nearest retailer.

TRI Simcard Internet Data Price List

In fact, there are various types of Tri AON Starter Packs with an active period of 12 months. Tri himself produces AON starter pack with different quota contents. But what is generally sold in the market is the Perdana Tri AON 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, and 8GB quota. What is generally in demand and I use it until now is the Tri AON 5GB quota. The price of each starter is also different according to the existing quota.

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This Tri AON Starter Pack is specifically for internet enthusiasts, who enjoy streaming and downloading every day. Because this Tri AON card shares more quota. During its development, the price of this Tri AON card also continues to be cheap, this is what makes this card sell well in the market, especially for internet maniacs.

Tri card internet data price list

Internet dataInformationDurationPrice
1GB 3g1 GB on the Tri 3G network3 DayRp. 5000
3GB 3g1GB / day for 3 days on Tri 3G network3 DayRp. 10, 000
15GB 3g3 GB on all networks
300 MB / day for 30 days on Tri 3G network
3 GB quota for Youtube / Netflix
30 DayRp. 50,000
38GB 3g8 GB on all Tri networks
1GB / day for 30 days on Tri 3G network
30 minutes talk to all operators
30 DayRp. 75,000
112GB 3g12GB on all Tri networks
1.5GB / day for 30 days on Tri's 3G network
55GB Kendo quota (01.00-09.00)
30 DayRp. 99,000

To buy a tri internet package. You can buy it through the official application of the tri card, namely BIMA +

And for those of you who want to get a Tri SIM Card. You can get it through Tri’s official outlets that are spread across all cities in Indonesia.

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