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Simcard Smartfren

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Simcard Smartfren – Smartfren had become a favorite sim card. The reason is that this one sim card dares to provide cheap internet data package prices with a large enough quota.

Even Smartfren has a very wide network. We can find the network in cities in Indonesia.

Besides that, Smartfren also always provides promo prices for its internet data packages. This is what makes Smartfren increasingly popular with many users.

Starter Pack Simcard Smartfren 10N +

Simcard Smartfren
Simcard Smartfren

Previously, Smartfren had launched a 1ON + (ion plus) starter card for IDR 20 thousand. Now, Smartfren is releasing a new variant of Kartu Perdana 1ON + with more and more bonus quota.

The weekly quota bonus of up to 52GB listed above. Does not only apply to the two new variants of 1ON + IDR 40 thousand and IDR 60 thousand. But, also for the 1ON + IDR 20 thousand starter pack which was launched one month ago. The addition of this variant was launched to answer the high demands of the community. Which began when the government began advising people to work, study and worship at home. Which triggered the increasing need for data services.

Apart from a very long active period, another advantage that customers can get with the 1ON + starter card that the quota that obtained entirely the main quota. It can be used for all applications. Customers also don’t need to be afraid of having their credit cut when the data packet runs out while accessing the internet.

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The new variant of the 1ON + Starter Pack released by Smartfren includes the 1ON + Starter Pack for IDR 40 thousand and IDR 60 thousand with an active period of 365 days or 1 year.

Users who buy and activate the 1ON + Starter Pack for IDR 40 thousand will get an activation benefit of 1.5 GB every month for 6 months with a total quota of 9 GB.

Meanwhile, for the 1ON + Starter Pack worth Rp. 60 thousand. You will get an activation benefit of 3 GB. Every month for 6 months with a total quota of 18 GB.

Internet Data Package List Simcard Smartfren

30GB4G network, 15GB 24-hour quota, 15GB night quota. And free calls to fellow Smartfren users30 DayRp. 60,000
Unlimited24 hour unlimited internet. With a fair use of 1GB per day30 DayRp. 80,000
16GB24-hour quota 8GB, Night Quota 8GB. And free calls to fellow smartfren users30 DayRp. 40,000