Axis Starter Pack
Axis Starter Pack

AXIS – XL Axiata

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SIMCARD.ID – AXIS – XL Axiata – Axis is a telecommunications company which is a subsidiary of Axiata. Axis itself one of the sim card providers for mobile phones that are quite widely used by young people.

Why is the axis widely used by young people? this is because the price is quite tilted, and the axis itself often provides promo prices, especially for internet data.

Axis Starter Pack

Axis Starter Pack
Axis Starter Pack

The price of the prime axis card will vary from region to region in Indonesia. However, the price range for exis starer pack is IDR 10,000.

You will get a credit of Rp.5,000 which contained in the Exis starter card. However, Exis does not directly provide internet data on its SIM card.

If you want internet data. You can use the dial code on * 123 #. Here are some of the latest exis internet data price lists.

Rp 88815 MB1 Day
Rp 200050 MB1 Day
Rp 4000500 MB1 Day
Rp 60001 GB1 Day
Rp 79002 GB1 Day
Rp 89003 GB1 Day
Rp 9900300 MB7 Day
Rp 10.9001 GB7 Day
Rp 13.5001,5 GB7 Day
Rp 15.9002 GB7 Day
Rp 18.9003 GB7 Day
Rp 21.9005 GB7 Day
Rp 25.9008 GB7 Day
Rp 19.9001 GB30 Day
Rp 29.9002 GB30 Day
Rp 39.9003 GB30 Day
Rp 59.9005 GB30 Day
Rp 82.9008 GB30 Day
Rp 97.90010 GB30 Day
Rp 110.90012 GB30 Day
Rp 139.90016 GB30 Day
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You can choose according to your needs for internet data. There are available choices of data packages from small to large enough. Also available are daily duration and weekly duration, up to monthly duration.

If you are a tourist, or a person who is always on the go. Exis can help you with sim cards. Because Exis itself offers internet data with a duration of 1 day to 7 days. You can choose it according to the length of time you are in Indonesia.

Where to Get the AXIS Starter Pack

To be able to get Axis SIM Card. You can go to the official outlets belonging to the Axis or XL Axiata. Because Axis and XL  covered by the same company. Namely AXIATA.

Exis offers you a wide selection of very cheap prices. In addition, the exis network has also reached remote areas in Indonesia