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IM3 Ooredoo – IM3 Ooredoo is a subsidiary of Indosat Ooredoo. Indosat is a company that provides telecommunications services located in Indonesia.

Indosat is also one of the most widely used internet service providers in Indonesia. Because this one provider provides telecommunications services for mobile phone users.

Indosat itself has two types. Namely postpaid services and also prepaid services. And Indosat itself has 3 subsidiaries which are engaged in the same field, namely. IM3 Ooredoo, Mentari Ooredoo, Matrix Ooredoo.

However, currently what is widely used, especially in Indonesia today, is the im3 Ooredoo.

IM3 Ooredoo

IM3 Ooredoo

This flagship brand from Indosat Ooredoo has many users, and reaches almost all corners of Indonesia. The price of the SIM card fromĀ  ranges from Rp. 10,000. This will have a different price in each region in Indonesia.

There are many benefits that you get just by buying this SIM card from im3 Ooredoo . For example, you can get a bonus internet quota of 3GB and 120 minutes of telephone calls to all operators in Indonesia.


Call sms data
Ooredoo fellow users Rp1 / second for up to 3 minutes, then Rp2 / second for the next minute Free Rp 300/MB
To other operators Rp1 / second for up to 2 minutes, then Rp80 / 10sec for the next minute Send 1 SMS (Rp. 699 / SMS) + 1 SMS Rp. 199 / SMS then Free SMS: 980 to sim card Ooredoo + 20 to Other Operators

Rp 300/MB

  1. Call rates apply according to the location at the time of calling
  2. The provisions for Pulsa Safe apply (maximum fee of IDR 10,000 / day)

For additional internet packages, you can buy it through the Indosat Ooredoo website directly. Here are some internet data prices.

  • Extra internet 6GB for Rp. 80,000.
  • Internet xtra 4GB at a price of Rp. 60,000
  • Extra 2GB internet for Rp. 40,000
  • Internet Extra 600MB at a price of Rp. 25,000

Where can you get IM3 Ooredoo starter pack?

To buy this SIM card. You can get it through official outlets from Indosat Ooredoo which are scattered in all cities in Indonesia. Or you can also get more information by visiting the official Indosat Ooredoo website.

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