Hong Kong Roaming Special Sim Card
Hong Kong Roaming Special Sim Card

Hong Kong Roaming Special Sim Card

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Simcard.ID – Hong Kong Roaming Special Sim Card. If you are in Hong Kong or planning to travel to Hong Kong for a long time. It looks like you really need a special Hong Kong roaming sim card. This sim card will specifically help you to communicate easily inside and outside Hong Kong, and of course at a very affordable price.

Reasons for Using a Special Roaming Card


There are many things you have to consider when it comes to communication while in other people’s countries. One of them is roaming. You really need a special roaming sim card when you are in another country because that country may use a different network than the one you usually use.

One of the roaming that we often face is sim roaming. Sim-based roaming is a user of the GSM network roaming the public wlan that is being operated by their GSM operator.

Benefits of using a Hong Kong roaming card

There are many positive things that you will feel when using this special roaming sim card based in HongKong. For one thing, you will not be subject to censorship regulations from the Chinese government.

If you don’t use a roaming card, you have to use a VPN in another country so you can bypass the censorship firewall that is officially implemented by their government.

How to buy a Hong Kong roaming sim card

To buy a Hong Kong roaming simcard is quite easy. You can find it at mainland China airport to Hong Kong. Apart from that, you can also buy them online. Because this sim card is sold freely in many other countries. You can choose several large companies in communication that do specifically sell special roaming cards in Hong Kong and mainland China such as CSL, Three, Smartone and others.