China Unicom Hong Kong Sim Card
China Unicom Hong Kong Sim Card

China Unicom Hong Kong Sim Card

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Simcard.ID – China Unicom Hong Kong Sim Card. Apart from the sim card china unicom which operates in central china. In Hong Kong they also have cards from China Unicom specifically operating in the Hong Kong area.

China Unicom Hong Kong Sim Card


The china unicom sim card that operates in hong kong has similarities to the unicom that operates in the china area. However, there are some fundamental differences from the Unicom SIM operating in mainland China. One of them is that it doesn’t have strict censorship, and also you don’t need to register right when buying this sim card at their official store.

How to top up the Hong Kong China Unicom sim card

Especially for the China Unicom Hong Kong, their official website is in English. This will make it easier for tourists visiting their area who use this sim card to refill their sim card.
You need to know, even though they have similarities in terms of companies. You cannot use the reload voucher from the Hong Kong version of Unicom on the Chinese version of the uncim sim card, or vice versa.

Internet data of China Unicom Hong Kong

Some internet data have similarities between the Chinese and Hong Kong versions of Unicom. However, there is a price difference, which usually China Unicom Hong Kong has a relatively cheap price. Here are some Unicom Hong Kong internet data packages that you can choose from:

  • 500 MB for 7 days: HK $ 48 – activation: * 118 * 600 #
  • 500 MB With a duration of 30 days and a price of HK $ 68 – activation: ** 118 * 601 #
  • 1 GB With a duration of 30 days and a price of HK $ 88 – activation: ** 118 * 504 #
  • 2 GB With a duration of 30 days and the price of HK $ 148 – activation: ** 118 * 602 #
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Both of these Uncom sim cards have the same admin fee that you must receive of HK $ 6.

If you want to use this Hong Kong unicom sim card. You can find them in their official shops which are widely available in several big cities. In addition, you can also buy this Unicom sim card at large supermarkets in the Hong Kong area. If you want to get more updated information from this card, you can visit the official website via this link.