China Unicorn Sim Card 5G
China Unicorn Sim Card 5G

China Unicom Sim Card 5G

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Simcard.ID – China Unicom Sim Card. If you are on a short or long trip to China, and need a local sim card so you can communicate freely without obstacles with friends and relatives well, you can use this China Unicom sim card 5G.

China Unicom Sim Card


This china unicom sim card is the second best choice of simcard in china that you can enjoy the service well. They have a strong network in almost all regions of China. We can feel a strong signal in almost all areas to remote areas.

China Unicom Network

China unicom is the right choice for you if you want to continue to enjoy internet data well even though you are in mainland China. Because China Unicorn itself is the only network provider from China that still uses 3G UMTS networks up to HSPA + speeds at 2100 MHz.

Such networks are usually found in other Asian countries. Besides having a UMTS 3G network, currently the China unicom simcard also has a FDD-LTE type network at a concentration of 1800 MHz. This LTE type network can be enjoyed in large cities and small villages.

How to Buy a China Unicom Sim Card

If you are interested in using this china unicom sim, you can get it easily in many places. Until now, you can buy a china unicom sim at their official store which is already circulating in many places. In addition, you can also get this sim card from large supermarkets in many cities. Almost in all supermarkets they have outlets selling their sim cards. However, when buying a sim card, you are required to register at the place of purchase directly.

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China Unicom Internet Data

When purchasing a simcard at the official china unicom store. You can immediately choose an internet data package that suits your needs. The choice of data packet has various active durations. Starting from daily, weekly, to monthly.

The newest and best-selling internet package from China unicom is the 5G network internet package. Here are some choices for 5g internet data packages that are of great interest to many people today.

Internet DataPriceFree Call
30 GB129 RMB500 mins
40 GB159 RMB500 mins
60 GB199 RMB1000 mins
80 GB239 RMB1000 mins
100 GB299 RMB1500 mins
150 GB399 RMB2000 mins
300 GB599 RMB3000 mins