Ooredoo Tourist Sim Card Qatar
Ooredoo Tourist Sim Card Qatar

Ooredoo Tourist Sim Card Qatar

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Simcard.id – This time, simcard.id will share about the Qatar Ooredoo Tourist Sim Card. For those of you tourists who are visiting Qatar. Of course you need a special sim card so you can still get a connection for your smartphone. Namely the Ooredoo Hala Tourist Sim Card Qatar.

Ooredoo Tourist SIM allows tourists to keep in touch with family and friends at home, and stay connected to Ooredoo Supernet in Qatar,

with packages that include local and international calls, SMS and local information. To be able to use the Ooredoo tourist sim, you only need to pay QR 35 or US $ 9.67. Includes 150 Flexi Points, which can be used for local and international calls and SMS or local information up to 1 GB, valid for 7 days.

Ooredoo Tourist Sim Card Qatar


Ooredoo also offers several other information packages. The price is 10 QR or 3 $. You will get a data package of 500 MB for the whole day. And 200 QR for 55 $ for 20GB for six days

Here are some additional internet packages if you want to recharge your hala internet data.

500 MBvalidity until midnight buyQR 10
1000 MBvalidity 14 DaysQR 30
2,5 GBvalidity 28 DaysQR 60
4 GBvalidity 28 DaysQR 80
7 GBvalidity 28 DaysQR 100
14 GBvalidity 28 DaysQR 150
20 GBvalidity 42 DaysQR 200
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Roaming Information Options

Information Top-up and Cellular Internet Packages do not play a role when roaming out of Qatar . You can subscribe to the Ooredoo Passport like a value-for-money solution by sending OP to 114 or by entering the Ooredoo App

We recommend that you turn off or disable your information service from your cellphone. When roaming outside Qatar, because the pay will be much higher if you use information without subscribing to Ooredoo Passport.

Hala internet packages

Data How to ActivatePrice
1 GBActivation Code "Flexi"QR 20
1 GBActivation Code "DW"QR 20
UnlimitedActivation Code "UN"QR 125

To pay cash or with an international card, you must buy a voucher from the shop. Which shop also shows the Ooredoo logo can help with this, and the process is very easy.

There are several types of top-ups. If you just need information, just select one of the Hala Information packages mentioned above. You can also buy flexible pulses that can be used to buy telephone, SMS, and information packages, or just for regular use.