Sim Card Kazakhstan
Sim Card Kazakhstan

Beeline Sim Card Kazakhstan

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Simcard.ID – Beeline Sim Card Kazakhstan. Beeline is a telecommunication service provider and sim card in Kazakhstan. The sim card of this company is run by a veon license which is also in Kazakhstan. For the network from the Beeline sim card you don’t need to hesitate, because Beeline itself is one of the providers that has quite a wide coverage in Kazakhstan.

Beeline Sim Card Kazakhstan

Sim Card Kazakhstan
Sim Card Kazakhstan

Currently, almost all Beeline users have enjoyed using the 4G lte network from Beeline. And when Beeline has also started building their own 5G network in Kazakhstan.

For sales locations, the Beeline sim card itself is available in many places. You can find sales of this sim card at several cellphone sales stores that are already widely spread in cities. In addition, you can also get this simcard directly at the official store selling their products. For the price of the beeline sim card itself, it is very cheap, usually around 150-1000 tenge.

How to top up the Beeline Sim Card

To buy a beeline sim card, you are required to bring an identification, for registration needs. And to refill the sim card you have. You can top up via balance top up machines that are already scattered around the city streets.

Internet Data Sim Card Beeline

For data internet usage without a package, you will be charged a standard fee of 20 tange for every 50 MB usage. Internet data will be automatically disconnected when you run out of balance on your sim card. However, you can also buy internet packages to make it much cheaper. The internet packages from Beeline are as follows:

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Internet DataDurationPriceActivation
100 MBdaily30*623*1#
3 GB daily890 *522*3#
5 GBdaily1190*522*5#
12 GB30 days1790*522*12#
20 GB30 days2590*522*20#
30 GB30 days3290*522*30#

Same as before, the internet will automatically disconnect when your package has expired. However, if you want to disconnect the package prematurely, you can use the following dial code * 622 * 333 #. And to be able to check the remaining balance and also the rest of your internet data, you can dial code * 106 #.

The following is an article that contains information about Beeline Sim Card Kazakhstan, hopefully it can help you.