Zain Sim Card Jordan
Zain Sim Card Jordan

Zain Sim Card Jordan

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Simcard.ID – Zain Sim Card Jordan. Zain is one of three telecommunications service providers in Jordan. This Zain Sim Card in Jordan is a branch of Zain in Kuwait. In Jordan Zain sim card is one sim card that has the widest coverage and good speed while still using the 4G LTE network at 1800 MHz.

Zain Sim Card Jordan
Sim Card Jordan

Because it is one of the largest telecommunication service providers and simcards in Jordan, you will easily find this Zain simcard sales outlet. For example, you can buy this Zain simcard at cellphone sales shops that are scattered in cities in the country of Jordan.

Zain Sim Card Jordan

In addition, you can also buy this zain sim card at the Amman international airport in Jordan. When you first buy this sim card you will get a basic rate from Zain. However, you can also buy combo packages that are usually provided by this sim card. However, the combo pack will always change. To check or change the available packages you can use the code * 270 #.

Zain Sim Card for Tourist

If you are a visitor who comes to Jordan, you can buy this Zain simcard at the international airport where you land. Usually Zain sim cards will open outlets for selling tourist sim cards at their international airport arrival gates. You can buy a Zain sim card, of course, by carrying an identification for registration requirements. Later you will be charged a fee of 29,232JOD including tax for every purchase of one sim card.

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Voucher Zain Sim Card

To fill in your sim card, you can use scratch-off vouchers or e vouchers that they have sold in many places. For example, Escocome, Esal, TicTic and Oryx, and many other stores that sell zain sim card vouchers. To recharge you have to enter the 14 digit code contained on the voucher, and you can enter the code by pressing * 114 * <voucher PIN> #. If successful, the balance in your sim card will increase according to your voucher.

Internet Data

The internet packages provided by Zain sim card are quite diverse. Starting from small to large data, you just need to adjust it to your own needs.

Internet DataDurationPrice
Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram30 Days2 JD
250 MB30 Days2,5 JD
500 MB30 Days3,5 JD
1 Gb30 Days5 JD
2 GB30 Days8 JD
4 GB30 Days12 JD
7 GB30 Days15 JD
10 GB30 Days20 JD
100 MB7 Days1 JD
1 GB7 Days3 JD
Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram1 Days0,25 JD
50 MB1 Days0,5 JD
1 GB1 Days1 jD

To get more complete information and updates from Zain sim cards you can visit their official website here. Thus the article which contains information about adadada, hopefully it can help