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Umniah Sim Card Jordan

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Simcard.ID – Umniah Sim Card Jordan. After Zain, Umniah is also a sim card provider that has a fairly wide coverage in Jordan. Umniah, which operates in Jordan, is currently a subsidiary of Balteco in Bahrain. Even though it is a subsidiary of Balteco, Umniah has a fairly good network speed.

Umniah Sim Card Jordan

Sim Card Jordan
Sim Card Jordan

To find sales of umniah sim cards is quite easy. They already sell their products in many places. For example, in shops selling mobile phones and sim cards, franchises, and also you can buy umniah sim cards directly at their official stores. For the price of the umniah sim card itself, it is usually sold for at least 5 JD, this price does not include tax.

How to recharge an umniah sim card

You can top up this simcard using a top up voucher. For the price of this Umniah refill voucher, prices vary widely, starting from 1,5,10 to 15 JD. This price does not include tax. To top up you have to enter the digit code that is on the back of the voucher, then you can enter the code by means of * 127 * <fourteen digit reload code> #. If it is correct, your balance will increase according to the number of vouchers that you have purchased.

Umniah Sim Card Combo Plan

For those of you who use this sim card, you will get many package options. This package contains internet data, telephone and SMS. There are several packages that you can choose from, including:

  • 6 GB of data, 750 minutes of talk, and 500 text messages at a price of 6.55 JD
  • 12 GB Data, 1500 minutes talk 1500 SMS at a price of 9.17 JD
  • 22 GB data, unlimited calls, 2000 text messages at a price of 11.34 JD
  • 28 GB data, unlimited calls, 2000 text messages for 15.12 JD
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You can choose a package that suits your needs and desires. You can move from one package to another via the code * 78 #. If you want to get more complete information and updates from this sim card, you can visit the official website directly here. Thus the article which contains information about Umniah Sim Card Jordan, hope it can help.