Nuromobile Sim Card Japan
Nuromobile Sim Card Japan

Nuromobile Sim Card Japan

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Simcard.ID – Nuromobile Sim Card Japan. Nuromobile is a prepaid sim card in Japan that uses the NTT Docomo network. This sim card is directly managed by Sony Corp. The sim card, which is managed directly by this large company, has a fairly fast internet network with 3G and 4G internet networks.

Nuromobile Sim Card Japan


Until now, Nuromobile has received many users from Japanese residents themselves. Because the coverage is very wide, and of course because of the good network and service from them. At 4G LTE speeds you will get an internet speed of 300 Mbps, waah very fast isn’t it.

You can find and buy this sim card in many places in Japan. The ease of getting a sim card is also one of the strategies of the company in developing their business. Apart from official stores selling cellphones and sim cards in Japan and through supermarkets that are already scattered in Japan. You will easily get this sim card through other crowded centers that are always in every Japanese city. For example, you will easily get this Nuromobile sim card at Kansai International airport, Naha airport and other airports. You will easily find this sim card sale at the information center at the airport.

Nuromobile Sim Card Internet Data

Apart from the airport you can also find sales of this Nuromobile sim card in other crowded centers, such as bus stations and train stations in Japan. However, you need to remember, to bring identification every time you want to buy a sim card with any brand, including Nuromobile. Because you have to do the registration process during the purchase transaction.

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For internet data, you will be provided with a speed of 300 Mbps. However, you will find different prices in each city or where you buy a sim card or top up your balance. Following are the standard prices that you will generally find when buying this sim card.

Internet DataPriceDuration
Unlimited¥3,70410 days
2.1 GB¥2,31510 days
1.2 GB ¥3,24130 days
2.4 GB¥4,16730 days
3.2 GB¥5.09360 days