Mobal Tourist Sim Card Japan
Mobal Tourist Sim Card Japan

Mobal Tourist Sim Card Japan

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Simcard.ID – Mobal Tourist Sim Card Japan. Mobal is an international sim card that is specifically produced for data roaming and also for tourists visiting Japan. Especially for tourists, you can buy this mobal sim card for long-term trips as well as short-term trips.

Quite a number of tourists visiting Japan use this mobal sim card. Due to the fact that not many telecommunication companies provide special sim cards for visitors that provide for long and short trips as well as provide services for phone calls, sms and internet data at the same time.

Mobal Tourist Sim Card Japan

This mobal sim card provides online purchase services. And Mobal serves the delivery of the sim card to many countries. So of course you can buy a mobal sim card and send it to your home country. However, of course you have to make a purchase a few days before your departure day. Or, you can also order this cad sim online and request a pick-up at the Japan international airport where you landed.

Mobal Tourist Sim Card Japan
Mobal Tourist Sim Card Japan

How to buy a mobal sim card

The sim card that has been sent to you is already active, and all you have to do is insert it into your smartphone. However, before that, you have to go through the registration process beforehand, the in-law uses the identification that you have.

For the payment process for purchasing a mobal sim card, you can pay using a credit card or debit card that you have. You should save the results of payment transactions for sim card purchases, it is very necessary when you want to extend the card’s active period.

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Mobal Tourist Sim Card Internet Data

For internet packages, visitors who use this sim card will get many choices. However, there are several internet data package options that are most widely used by users.

  • for 8 days and the price is ¥ 3,990
  • for 16 days and the price is ¥ 5,990
  • for 31 days and the price is ¥ 7,490

For those of you who want to get more complete and updated information about this sim card, you can visit the official website here. Thus the article which contains information about Mobal Tourist Sim Card Japan, hopefully it can help you.