Metfone Sim Card Cambodia
Metfone Sim Card Cambodia

Metfone Sim Card Cambodia

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Simcard.ID – Metfone Sim Card Cambodia. Metfone is actually the marketplace innovator today in Cambodia along with around 50% of all of clients after they obtained Beeline in 2015. They are actually supported through Vietnamese Viettel team as well as stated towards have actually a great protection beyond significant communities in the provinces

4G/LTE began in summertime 2016 on 1800 MHz (band 3) as well as Metfone insurance cases LTE protection in 90% of metropolitan locations in Cambodia currently. Details that OpenSignal examinations in 2018 revealed a lot slower rates as well as much less protection compared to along with Wise or even Cellcard.

Metfone Sim Card Cambodia
Metfone Sim Card Cambodia

Metfone Sim Card Cambodia

heir pre-paid SIM memory cards are actually offered for $1-2 in their stores which actually referred to as “display rooms” (keep locator). Beginner sets actually referred to as EcoTariff. 4ever Tariff or even MetTravel Tariff. The last collection is actually frequently provided towards travelers, however all of require the exact very same information packages. For 4G/LTE you require a brand-new 4G-enabled SIM memory card. Aged 3G SIM memory cards could altered free of charge in their shops.

Top-up coupons actually offered in $0.fifty, 1, 2, 5, 10, twenty as well as fifty providing 3-2000 times of credibility. Towards top-up call *197*<14-digit scrape memory card code>#. Frequently higher top-up rewards are actually provided. Towards inspect equilibrium, call *097#.

For launching, place SIM in your telephone as well as contact us to 1770 towards trigger. If your telephone needs a PIN code, go into 0000.

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Metfone Sim Card Internet Data

There’s no information without bundle. You can easily select in between hard-capped restricted information strategies as well as soft-capped “limitless” information strategies all of on 3G as well as 4G for the exact very same prices:

When gotten to information quota at restricted packs. You can easily purchase a brand-new one or even pay out $ 0.02 every MB. When gotten to quota in ‘unlimited’ packs, rate will certainly actually throttled towards 384 kbps. Inspect information equilibrium through *133*097#

Towards reset information rate, 2 attachments are actually provided for the “limitless packs”

  • 750 MB: $0.fifty, activation: *133*3#
  • 1.5 GB: $1, activation: *133*9#

For Twitter and google as well as Collection carrier they deal 2 packages:

  • 1 time: $0.05, activation: *133*6#
  • for 1 month: $1, activation: *133*8#

For YouTube video clip streaming they deal these packages:

  • 1 full week: $1, activation: *133*62#
  • for 1 month: $3, activation: *133*82#

Metfone Asia Roaming

Metfone offers extremely inexpensive wandering packages for various other SE Oriental nations:

 Thailand, Malaysia, Laos

  • limitless for 7 times: $ 5, activation Thailand: *131*66*5#, Malaysia *131*60*5#, Laos *131*856*5#
  • twenty GB for 2 week: $1.99, activation: *131*20#
  • 60 GB for thirty days: $2.99, activation: *131*60#


  • 5 GB for 2 week: $5, activation: *131*84*5#
  • 10 GB for thirty days: $10, activation: *131*84*10#

All of packages auto-renew. Towards terminate kind *131*00#, towards inspect equilibrium *131*097#