UCOM Sim Card Armenia
UCOM Sim Card Armenia

UCOM Sim Card Armenia

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Simcard.ID – UCOM Sim Card Armenia. UCOM is actually the tiniest driver in the nation, however has actually a still great system at the most affordable costs. Their 4G/LTE has actually been actually introduced in 2017 on 800, 1800 as well as 2600 MHz. 3G is actually offered on 90% as well as 4G on 56% of populace in 2017.

In 2016 they were actually obtained due to the broadband driver UCOM which has actually rebranded its own system coming from the previous Orange tag.

UCOM Sim Card Armenia

UCOM Sim Card Armenia
UCOM Sim Card Armenia

Pre-paid SIM memory cards could bought at any type of Ucom solution facility (locator), all of message workplaces in Yerevan Urban area grocery stores as well as Carrefour, Zigzag Megastore (Dalma Yard Shopping center) as well as others.

For activation place the SIM right in to youe telephone, contact us to 111 brief variety, comply with the vocal food selection directions as well as choose your favored foreign language. After carrying out these actions your variety will certainly actually triggered. As well as you’ll actually linked towards the variety that you’re contacting.

You’ll have actually the variety triggered for 3 months for accessibility towards all of the solutions of Ucom. In the event of certainly not charging the profile throughout that opportunity, you’ll likewise get phone telephone calls as well as SMS for one more 6 months (non-active duration).

Top-ups of five hundred, thousand, 2000, 5000 as well as 10,000 AMD providing you thirty days towards 6 months of solution inning accordance with the quantity offered operational grocery stores and factors. Inspect equilibrium through *133#.

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UCOM Sim Card Internet Data

They deal 2 pre-paid collections U!SIMPLE as well as their combination strategies U!Pre-paid:

  • U!Easy: this strategy without foundation price could triggered through *111*11#. Information go to 15 AMD every MB.
  • U!Pre-paid: regular month-to-month combination strategy in 4 dimensions.

Internet DataDurationPriceActivation
300 MB1 day100 AMD*205*1#
500 MB 30 days 750 AMD *205*2#
1 GB30 days1000 AMD*205*3#
2 GB30 days1500 AMD*205*4#
10 GB30 days5000 AMD*205*5#

Information beyond allowances go to 15 AMD every MB. You can easily constantly alter your tariff strategy towards one more through just inputting *255#.

In addition to every U!Pre-paid as well as U!Easy strategy, the complying with information bundles could be packed. After eating the information allocation, you’ll draw on the information tariff inning accordance with the pre-paid strategy. Towards inspect staying information equilibrium *205*20#. Inspect information equilibrium through *205*20#.