Starthub Prepaid Sim Card
Starthub Prepaid Sim Card

Starthub Travel Prepaid Sim Card

Posted on – Starthub Travel Prepaid Sim Card – There are four largest telecommunication companies in Singapore. And one of them is Starhub LTD. Starhub has a pretty strong signal in Singapore. Especially with the speed of the internet network. Starhub has an internet network with a maximum 4G speed.

Starhub has a very wide selection of starter packs. Starting from the packages and features offered. Until the prices are quite varied. You can choose a sim card according to your needs at that time, you can also adjust the money you currently have.

Starthub Travel Prepaid Sim Card

Starthub Prepaid Sim Card
Starthub Prepaid Sim Card

Here are some options for prepaid SIM cards offered by the official StarHub website. You can also find this StarHub starter pack from official StarHub outlets that have spread across the cities of Singapore.

Prepaid SIM Cards PriceDetail
$8$10 Credit for 90 days
New: 30-Day 1GB local data
New: 30 mins IDD 018 calls for 30 days
$15$15 Credit for 180 days
New: 180-Day 8GB local data^
FREE WeChat, WhatsApp and LINE#
$50$50 Credit for 180 days
10-Day 100GB local data
30-Day 5GB roaming data*

You can buy a prepaid SIM card from starhub on the online shop stahub site. You can also buy it through StarHub Authorized Retailers. In addition, you can also find this starhub prime sim card from the starhub counter at Changi airport.

In addition, Starhub also offers you other packages with various services and features and prices. The following is a description of the services and prices that you can buy from the starhub shop.

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Starthub Prepaid Sim Card

Local Calls18¢ per minute
SMS5¢ Local SMS
15¢ Global SMS
Data5¢ per 10KB
(More Savings with
Data Plans)
MMS30¢ per MMS
(less than 30kb)
80¢ per MMS
(30kb and more)

The price of each service provided by StarHub is subject to change at any time. You can check for updates via the official website of StarHub.

Through the StarHub shop which is on the official StarHub website. You can also see some of the new features and services of StarHub. Like starhub tv +, data packages for multimedia, and you can also buy several electronic devices there, such as smartphones, smart tvs and others.

Thus the article about Starhub Prepaid Sim Card. Hope it can help those of you who are looking for a sim card in Singapore.