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Telkomsel – Telkomsel is one of the largest cellular provider companies in Indonesia. Telkomsel itself is one of the state-owned subsidiaries called Telkom Indonesia.
And, Almost half of all Indonesians use Telkomsel cards. And, Telkomsel itself also has a subsidiary company that also produces cellular providers.
Some of the derivative brands that are under Telkomsel are Simpati, AS, and Halo cards. Here are some internet package rates and prices from each Telkomsel provider.



Is a brand that leaves the Telkomsel company. Simpati itself is a prepaid card owned by Telkomsel that has data and digital value.
For the price of the this SIM card itself is IDR. 10,000. By buying a simpati card for 10,000 rupiah. You will get a credit of Rp. 5000, internet quota of 300 MB, with a card active period of 30 days.
You can extend the active period of this simpatiĀ  card by continuing to top up credit regularly every month.
To purchase an internet package, you can buy it via dial code * 363 #. The following are the prices for each internet package that you can buy through this code.

500 MB Internet is valid for 1 day Rp9,000. 3 GB Internet applies for 1 day Rp13,000. 1 GB Internet is valid for 3 days Rp16,000. 2 GB Internet lasts 3 days Rp22.000. 3 GB Internet lasts 3 days Rp27.000. 1 GB Internet lasts 7 days Rp27.000. 2 GB Internet lasts 7 days Rp34.000. 7 GB Internet is valid for 3 days Rp37.000. 3 GB Internet lasts 7 days Rp39.000. 15 GB Internet is valid for 3 days Rp47.000. 5 GB Internet lasts 7 days Rp48,000. 15 GB Internet lasts 7 days Rp. 58,000.

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Kartu AS

It is also one of the cellular provide brands from Telkomsel. Kartu AS have a slightly cheaper price than simpati. Because the ace card marketing itself is more targeting young people.
For the price of the ace SIM card, you can buy it for Rp. 5000. With that price, you will get 5000 pulses which are valid for 30 days.
Ace card customers can buy internet packages via dial code * 100 # for Rp. 30,000 for 1 GB data package.
In addition there are also other internet package options such as.

  • 200MB. 24 hours Rp. 12,000- Rp. 18,000
  • 400MBĀ  24 hours and 200MB 00-09 Rp. 18,000-Rp. 15,000 (depending on the zone)
  • 1GB 500MB 24 hours and 500MB 00-09 Rp. 30,000-Rp. 46,000
  • Facebook 300MB Rp. 10,000-RP. 15,000 (depending on zone).
  • Chats 300MB Rp. 10,000- Rp. 15,000 (depending on zone)

Kartu Hallo

One of the premium products from Telkomsel has a postpaid system. You have to subscribe and register first to be able to use the kartu hallo from Telkomsel.
To get an internet hello card, you can buy it using the code * 100 # or * 363 #.
Here are some prices for the hello card internet package.

10 GB at a price of Rp. 100,000
20GB at a price of Rp. 150,000
40 GB at a price of Rp. 250,000


To be able to buy SIM card packages from Telkomsel officially. You can visit the nearest Telkomsel Grapari outlet. tihis company has its grapari outlet branches in every region in Indonesia.

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