Airtel Sim Card Bangladesh
Airtel Sim Card Bangladesh

Airtel Sim Card Bangladesh

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Simcard.ID – Airtel Sim Card Bangladesh. As opposed to India, Airtel in Bangladesh (Bengali) never ever possessed a big discuss. They’ve just took care of around 7% of the nationwide customers.

Their 4G system actually restricted towards the Dhaka city location. As well as some provincial capitals, however has actually expanded a lot larger along with the assist of Robi. The Airtel brand name appears to become preserved as 2nd brand name of Robi-Airtel.

Airtel Sim Card Bangladesh

Airtel Sim Card Bangladesh
Airtel Sim Card Bangladesh

Along with system combination underway in 2017 current Airtel customers can easily currently delight in dual their previous system protection throughout in the incorporated areas, together with enhanced 3G mobile phone information rates because of the combination of the previous standalone operators’ 2100 MHz 3G range.

Airtel Bangladesh system individuals triggering the choice towards change towards the integrated system get totally complimentary one-off reward mobile phone information allowances as an reward. You have to choose any type of Robi-Axiata system by hand.

Airtel Sim Card

A beginner load actually cost one hundred BDT along with fifty MB information for 10 times as well as 5 BDT along with 90 times credibility in their solution focuses. You can easily charge on the internet, through digital rechage kiosks or even Simple Charge in quick meals electrical outlets, caf├ęs, very some financial institutions and markets.

Airtel Sim Card Internet Data

They deal these web bundles for 3G as well as 4G, include 21% tax obligations. Here are some internet data packages that you can choose from :

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Internet DataDurationPrinceActivation
1.5 GB28 days209 BDT*123*209#
2 GB28 days229 BDT*123*229#
3 GB28 days298 BDT*123*298#
4 GB28 days398 BDT*123*398#
5 GB28 days498 BDT*123*498#
10 GB28 days899 BDT*123*899#
15 GB28 days1399 BDT*123*1399#
25 GB28 days1699 BDT*123*1699#

And also, you can get this airtel sim card through the official store from airtel itself. Apart from that, you can also find it in several big supermarkets in Bangladesh. And if you interested in using this Airtel sim card. You can visit the official website of the airtel sim card to get more information and it is also updated here.