Batelco Sim Card Bahrain
Batelco Sim Card Bahrain

Batelco Sim Card Bahrain

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Simcard.ID – Batelco Sim Card Bahrain. Batelco is actually the nationwide service company as well as the just landline/ADSL service company in the nation. As in many cases, it has actually second finest protection as well as is actually one of the absolute most costly simultaneously.

Batelco has actually notified clients that its own 2G system will certainly be actually eliminated through 31 December 2019.

Batelco Sim Card Bahrain

Batelco Sim Card Bahrain
Sim Card Bahrain

Their pre-paid SIM memory card is actually referred to as ‘SimSim’ as well as cost BHD 3 or even 6 in their stores. As regular or even regular month-to-month choice (view below)

Coupons for refills actually offered for BHD 1, (2), 3, (4), 5, 10, twenty as well as (30) providing 2-100 times of credibility. Refills in () are actually through digital top-up just. Towards include worth, kind *125*#. Towards inspect equilibrium, go into *122#.

And also, they offer various SimSim collections. You can easily select in between a regular or even regular month-to-month strategy:

  • regular: beginner: BHD 3 – revival: BHD 1.5 – one hundred dom. mins, 1 GB information for 7 times, activation: *200#
  • regular month-to-month: BHD 6 – five hundred dom. mins, 6 GB information for thirty days, activation: *660#.

Batelco Sim Card Internet Data

Default as well as overuse price is actually 0.70 BHD every MB. However, you much a lot better purchase these add-on information bundles listed below for including much a lot extra information towards the regular or even regular month-to-month strategy:

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Internet DataPriceActivation
1 GBBHD 1*911#
3 GBBHD 3*922#
8 GBBHD 5*933#
20 GBBHD 10*944#

Towards inspect information intensity, kind *888*1*1#.

Data Internet Only SIM

Additionally, they offer data-only SIM memory cards referred to as “Pre-paid Mobile phone Broadband”. A mobile phone broadband beginner actually offered in 2 variants:

  • 3 GB for 7 times: BHD 4
  • 10 GB for thirty days: BHD 7
  • It could refilled through these coupons in 4G/LTE.

If you need this Batelco sim card. You can find this Batelco sim card in many official stores from Batelco itself. And also, you can buy it in some big supermarkets in the country of Bahrain